Dale’s aesthetic is both modern and timeless. Inspired by Etruscan jewelry and Greek artifacts as well as the clean, spare lines of contemporary architecture, she creates one of a kind pieces that are substantial and balanced. The sensuality of gold - the way it feels in the hand and on the skin - has been a major consideration in her designs, so there's an abundance of it in her jewels. 

Each piece is fully hand-wrought in her Los Angeles studio using custom-alloyed high karat gold and ethically sourced fine gemstones. These methods are labor and time intensive, but the touch that hand-fabricating gives every aspect of a piece - each link of chain, bezel, and twist of wire - is the hallmark of Dale’s work.  This attention to detail results in heirloom quality pieces of jewelry. 

A graduate of Wesleyan University, Dale studied painting and photography. A course in metalworking began a fascination with the process of coaxing and wrestling hot metal into new forms and shapes. For several years, she used her expertise to teach jewelry making at UCLA. Her designs have won critical acclaim both here in the United States and abroad.

From feeling the initial spark of an idea, to being seduced by a particular stone, to the final polish, every aspect of Dale’s process has one goal - to create a unique piece of jewelry that will be both treasured and worn with delight.

film by stephanie martin stephaniemartin.com; editing by matt berardi mattberardi.com